TV Setup.

  1. TV Remote
  2. Source selection

    To make it easier to switch between inputs we have labelled the sources. By pressing the Source button on the TV Remote, you will be able to select what source you would like by pressing the arrow keys and then the middle enter button. The sources are labelled as below

    HDMI 1 – Wireless Display
    HDMI 4 - Dock

  3. Projecting VIA Dock

    Connect your surface up to the dock and turn on the TV. Make sure that the “Dock” Source is selected. An image will appear on screen and it will also appear on the monitor. If the TV and the monitor are not displaying an image you will press the windows key and P and selecting one of the projection methods. (See 5. Projection Methods)

  4. Projecting via Wireless Display
    Turn on the TV. Make sure that the “Wireless Display” Source is selected. An image will appear on screen with the room name:

    Press Windows + K on your surface and it will bring the connect window on your PC

    Select the correct room and click connect.

    If it’s the first time you’ve connected to the display, your Surface will prompt for a security code which will be displayed on the screen. If successful it will change on the TV to connecting plus the user that is connecting to the display

    Once connected, it will display. Please note that the monitor will not work in this configuration.
    To disconnect, click the disconnect button at the top of the screen on your surface.

  5. Projection Methods

    Once connected, press the Windows logo key + P to bring up Projection options.

    Choose one of the four options:
        PC screen only. You’ll see everything on your PC.
        Duplicate. You’ll see the same things on both screens.
        Extend. You'll see everything spread over both screens, and you can drag and move items between the two.
        Second screen only. You’ll see everything on the connected screen. Your other screen will be blank.

If you have any problems, please log a ticket.