Using Office for the web in OneDrive

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Office for the web lets you view and edit documents stored in your OneDrive directly from your web browser. Office for the web gives you the full functionality of editing without having to start up an Office program. And you use it with any device that is connected to the Web.



To get started, go to, sign in with your school email address and password:


Once logged in you will see this screen:


If you have accessed office online before, your recent documents will appear here. You can also click on the OneDrive icon (blue cloud) on the left.

This OneDrive page will open in a new tab, My Files will show your personal OneDrive collection, and underneath shared libraries on the left you can access any group files that you’re a part of. Navigate to the document you need and click to open, it will open in office web and you will be able to work on it as you would in a normal office environment.

If you prefer to open files from the folders on your machine, you can right click the file and click “View Online”